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Q&A: You ask & I answer

How did you come up with the name “Loopy Llama”?

This was the single most popular question that I was asked over the past couple weeks doing events. The answer is extremely simple but also might be long to explain. So, I will start with the obvious.

As most everyone knows, I crochet and there is a crochet stitch that I really despise but I use anyway called “Loop Stitch”, if anyone has heard the way I say “loop stitch” in my mind please insert that voice here

Another reason which is less known than my crochet is that I also sell yarn. I also love animals and llamas have always been a favorite because they are so ridiculous. Lastly at Ewe For You you can buy yarn that is called “Llama Lace” – can you guess what it is made from? As it turns out having an online retail business is not really for me. I approached starting my yarn shop the same way as I do with most other things in life and now I am left with $16,000 debt from inventory that is to high-end to sell fast enough to even cover the interest I accrue. I am going to use my imagination to describe the situation with my impulsivity and turn it into a story of “looking before you leap”. This is a story I am making up on the spot and I haven’t made up a story like this before so hopefully it does that job…. *Clears Throat*

Imagine an extremely happy albeit slightly crazy rainbow furry monster running along wildly with it’s arms outstretched behind it just flapping in the wind. Then suddenly the monster comes across a random ladder. “A ladder!? I must climb!” Without looking to see where the ladder went the monster goes flying up, and it is a really tall ladder. At the top of the ladder the monster discovers a diving board! “Oh Boy Swimming!” Then with great gusto and without hesitation a dangerous swan dive into a belly flop landing. Only the pool was not filled with water. The pool filled with quicksand.

Yep…. That about sums it up. I don’t typically think things through, or think about them at all but I am working on that. Ewe For You is a painful reminder of bellyflopping into quicksand, instead of perfect 10.0 quadrouple backflip showoff dive into clear, refreshing water.

I saved the best reason I chose Loopy Llama for last!! I AM the Loopy Llama. I drew the logo as a punk rock llama with a rainbow mohawk. Llama’s are ridiculous and some people think they are ugly or scary. But the people who love llamas REALLY love llamas. Llama lovers love these quirky ridiculous creatures despite the fact that the llama may spit at them and may not be the nicest. They love them for the weird teeth and funny faces. I have a lot in common with llamas.

I hope this answer was satasfactory. I will keep answering questions as long as you keep asking! Please keep asking!

– Loopy

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Galaxyfest 2017 Yarn Sampler

Ewe For You GalaxyFest 2017

Luxury Fiber Sample Pack 

Bookmark this page if you bought one of my sample packs! This is where you will find all the info about the 7 types of yarn that were included in the sampler.

Yarn in the bundle


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