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Galaxy Fest & Genghis Con 41

The inspiration for writing this today struck when I was working on other parts of my website. I am trying to never deny the urge to express myself creatively whether it be through writing, drawing, crocheting or anything else I find myself doing. Sometimes the real trick is getting inspiration to stay long enough to complete a task. But I really need to update about (GF) Galaxy Fest 2018 (Feb. 9-11, 2018) and (GC41) Genghis Con 41 (February 16-18, 2018) anyway. So here it goes. Continue reading Galaxy Fest & Genghis Con 41

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Social Anxiety & Animeland Wasabi

I have so much to say right now!!  I can go on and on and on and on and on. So in an effort to hopefully gain followers and not bore them to tears I made a choice when I started blogging to try to limit myself with how much I say in each blog post. Today I will not get to say even close to half of what I would like to say.  I would like to keep your attention. I have the rest of my life to explain what makes me….me!!

Last weekend was Animeland Wasabi (February 10-12, 2017) and I learned so much getting ready for and at this event. I don’t even think I sold enough to pay for my table but the “lessons learned life-ing” as I like to say, that is worth more than money to me.  Continue reading Social Anxiety & Animeland Wasabi