By The Loopy Llama

My dreams suck!

I have always known that my dreams are EXACTLY how I have felt my whole life. What I couldn't word until today was why or how they are so realistic and stressful since trying to explain the circumstances in my dream makes it sound stupid and not stressful. Does that make sense? 

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(The First Ever) Fun Fact Friday! 

Something I decided to do just spur of the moment. Hopefully I keep it up, if not… Enjoy these 3 random facts about me. 

Fact #1 

I’m not sure how I’ll do at keeping up on this because let’s face it…I have a hard time with following through. It’s not because I’m not filled with hope & enthusiasm. Or because I’m not 100% fully committed and intend to follow through no matter what. It’s because I have several differences with the way my brain processes things and functions. 

Fact #2 

If you met me you’d probably never guess that I had such a chaotic life or that I have tremendous social anxiety, and very rudimentary social skills. Everything that says “She’s a TOTALLY functional person!” when you meet me is a mask and things I’ve learned over 37 years of social trial and error. 

Fact #3 

I love instant ramen, I’m very picky about everything about it though so it’s annoying when it’s not EXACTLY the same every time. My ramen has to be “Maruchan Beef Flavor”. It has to be cooked for exactly 2 mins 45 seconds on a very heavy boil. Put the noodles in a bowl over 4 ice cubes and then pour the exact amount of water. Add the flavoring package, stir and add a SHIT TON of oyster crackers. But only “Premium Oyster Crackers”. And most often it’s edible. Sometimes of the texture is off (too mushy) I can’t eat it. Mental Illness FTW! 😛


Sorry it has been a month since my last post

It has been a very long journey to get to where I was even able to start understanding myself, my thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. I am not even close to the person I thought I was in some ways but that I am finding the person I always knew was hiding in there in the process. I have changed in so many ways there are just too many to list but it is huge and amazing. I am finally beginning to appreciate this wild roller coaster I have called life.

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