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Oh November!! Where have you gone?

November 2016 has come and (almost) gone. How is that even possible? I have been meaning to get this blog going more regularly. I have REALLY bad time management skills as I am sure will become blatantly obvious as this blog continues.



RMC square.pngRMC 2016 (Rocky Mountain Con) was held on the weekend of November 5 – 6 at the DIA Crowne Plaza Convention Center. I was excited because it was my first time at this particular venue as both an attendee & with an Artist Alley vendor table. All in all it was a pretty successful weekend.

We met lot’s of really awesome people and saw some really cool things. Most importantly though my family had tons of fun and we learned so so much during this event. To me all those reasons I just mentioned equal total success in my book.

Artist Alley RMC 2016 – Table on Day 1, Saturday November 5


Hmmm, let’s see what else happened in November.

Oh yes. In November I had my quarterly visit to my psychiatrist. A conversation I had with her that day shed some light on some strange phenomena that I had been experiencing recently. After I explained I was shocked and excited to learn that what I was experiencing WAS LEARNING!!!

 Duh Tip Of The Night:

Learning is something you should strive to make a lifelong practice.

Learning is something most people take for granted and it can be easy to forget that not everyone can do it easily. Some of us need to learn how to learn before real learing can be accomplished.

I know this whole little ramble will probably be hard to relate to for most but I honestly had no clue what learning actually was until I was 37. BTW, I have only been 37 for exactly one month.

learning-graphicI am not learning disabled, I am actually extremely gifted and I am simply a splendid example of what can happen when both nature & nurture start working in cahoots in all the wrong ways.

Wait what!? I was supposed to have learned this in High School??

I have asked this question so many times. It is no wonder I have had a reoccurring nightmare where I was sent back to High School because I obviously hadn’t learned anything. This has honestly been one of the most horrifying dreams that I can remember and I have had it over and over.

I seriously lacked pretty much any and all skills in the art of actually learning in a way in which I would actually retain the information I was attempting to learn. Useless facts, random dates and numbers have been securely locked tight in my jumbled brain but anything useful I feel like it just floats away.

Hmmm 1 graphic.jpg
My mind hard at work

I found out that I have ADHD in the Spring of 2015 and have been treating it for the last 18 months. It is hard to accurately describe all the ways ADHD has impacted my life. Actually being able to think and process things more normally is a big one.

Getting diagnosed with ADHD was also very hard on me emotionally. I have had to face so many hard truths since my diagnosis. Through the haze and clouds in my mind a ray of light started to shine. It has gotten brighter and brighter  and I have discovered this love of learning! The feeling I get by learning new things and actually understanding everything is completely indescribable.

This is a very long complex topic with many variables so not to get too confusing right off the bat I will call that soap box rant a wrap!


Since this blog post is about November, I will continue with my list of events for this month. Let’s see. I had a colonoscopy & endoscopy which will be another topic which will get plenty of attention…… my GI tract and its mysterious malfunctions.

Moving On…..


Saturday November 19 was my daughter’s 4th birthday party. She is my sweet beautiful rainbow princess and I am so thankful for the chance to be the mommy to such a bright shining light! This girl is destined for great things. I will get more in-depth with her birthday party after I get permission to post pictures of children who are not mine. I want to address the parents who were at the party in the blog post as well so hopefully someone reads it someday.  For now

Happy Birthday Sweet Princess

The last parts of November included Thanksgiving, decorating the tree, and I will be getting a filling, a haircut and then celebrating! Next Tuesday (Nov. 29) is my baby girl’s actual 4th birthday, followed by Wednesday (Nov. 30) which is the 1 year anniversary of our big move back home (again, this will be discussed many times and at great length I am sure LOL)


I think that sums up November pretty well. I don’t know if anyone will actually ever see or read this but I hope somewhere someday someone reads this and finds me absolutely entertaining and totally appreciates how hard it is for me to actually write in ways that masses can follow. Until then, Goodnight!!